It has been quite awhile since i wrote on here. oh well, better late than never i suppose. this weekend my little brother, jay, got married! it was awesome. he and his fiance, or wife now, holly, are amazing. they love Jesus a lot and love each other a lot and i am just so thrilled for them. at the rehearsal dinner people stood up over and over again talking about how great jay is. and, he is great. but what i thought was so cool was that the guys standing up really knew him well. he has lived with most of them for several years and they have such authentic and genuine friendships with each other. it made me long for that here in dallas. and, i think i found it. well, the route to it. there are 3 friendships here where God has just kind of brought us together. we love each other and love spending time with each other and it is just really a great thing. and, i am excited about us being more intentional about our friendships and seeing what God does with that. honestly, it is what got me back on the plane to come home today. it is hard saying goodbye to family often. i miss my mom, dad, and brothers a lot. way more than i thought i would. it burdens me greatly to see them go through life and me not know their heart in a real way. because over the phone it is hard to know someones heart in the most real kind of way. i miss them, because i love them. and i would rather miss them because i love them than not miss them at all.
Jesus is good,