24 Minutes, 45 Seconds of Bon Iver Beauty.

"Recorded in AIR Studio's Lyndhurst Hall - a building that was originally a church and a missionary school designed in 1880 by the great Victorian architect Alfred Waterhouse (designer of the National History Museum) - Vernon was joined only by Carey, with the pair positioning themselves opposite on another at two grand pianos. Although neither Justin nor Sean's first instrument is piano, they were able to remodel the songs in a way that showcases their complimentary vocals and, perhaps more strikingly, a seemingly effortless ability to experiment with form and structure." -Julian Garcia 


Blue Like Jazz.

Who is excited for this movie? I am!!! And, it's not just because my awesome Community Group leader, Matt, is in it. But because it is a great book and from what I hear has been made into an excellent film. I will be seeing opening night, April 13th, for sure. Now, who's with me??? 
Oh yeah, my CG leader is the guy yelling "you know nothing!" in a Russian accent. 


Artist and Friend: Kristen Vasgaard.

My friend Kristen (sometimes referred to as K-Rod) and I were roommates for 2 years in Knoxville. Gosh, what fun times we had. She is one of the most loyal, kind, fun, patient, generous, and talented people I know. As her job Kristen designs book packaging. Like, there is a chance she designed the cover of the book you are reading right now!
Well, K-Rod is an artist in her spare time too. And her works of art are really beautiful, creative, and witty (exactly like Kristen!), just see for yourself.

Check out Kristen's Tumblr for more of her designs and info about her!



Today on Twitter people are hashtagging myYLstory and telling how God used the ministry of Young Life to change their lives. I don't have Twitter, but here is what I might say if I did:

My parents met at YL camp, I met Jesus at YL camp, I got to share Jesus at YL camp. #myYLstory
I know Jesus because my YL Leader showed up. #myYLstory
Jesus showed me he loves broken hearted people through TheBrokenHeart @Malibu. #myYLstory 
Saw Jesus' love more through being a YL Leader than my girls probably ever did. #myYLstory
I learned how to live life as ministry through being on YL staff. #myYLstory

Read more Tweets of what God has done through Young Life HERE.


Gentle Love.

"The way through Lent comprises "putting aside works of darkness," "putting on the works of light," and the daily exercise in prayer. As Henri Nouwen, a master of prayer, says, "Praying is first and foremost listening to Jesus, who dwells in the very depths of your heart. He doesn't shout. He doesn't thrust himself upon you. His voice is an unassuming voice, very nearly a whisper, the voice of a gentle love. Whatever you do with your life, go on listening to the voice of Jesus in your heart. This listening must be an active and very attentive listening, for in our restless and noisy world God's so loving voice is easily drowned out." 
-Show Me The Way

I love that, "praying is first and foremost listening to Jesus, who dwells in the depths of your heart." It is freeing that prayer isn't about having the right words to say, coming to Jesus with life put together, or fighting for what I want. It is simply listening. And, I think by listening to Jesus in the depths of our hearts we will hear his heartbeat of deep love for us. What a beautiful picture. What a beautiful place to live life out of. 


V-Necks and Button Downs.

So the other night my roommate (and now co-worker) Scarlette and I were killing time at Target before going to meet our friend Irene downtown at Pattern Bar. We were passing the Men's section and I noticed several pairs of colored chinos hanging there, and mentioned that I would like those on a man. Scarlette and I then decided to pick out an outfit each that we think would be really cute on a guy. The results were absolutely hilarious.

Scarlette's Picks:

And, here is what Scarlette was wearing:
Target V-Neck
Gap Jeans

Here were my guy picks:

 And, here is what I was wearing:
Old Navy Button Down
Anthropologie Pilcro Cords 

It may not seem that funny to you, but we laughed for a good while there in Target once we realized each of us had chosen pretty much just what we were wearing ourselves. Basically it appears we are looking for a boyfriend we can share clothes with.