Artist and Friend: Kristen Vasgaard.

My friend Kristen (sometimes referred to as K-Rod) and I were roommates for 2 years in Knoxville. Gosh, what fun times we had. She is one of the most loyal, kind, fun, patient, generous, and talented people I know. As her job Kristen designs book packaging. Like, there is a chance she designed the cover of the book you are reading right now!
Well, K-Rod is an artist in her spare time too. And her works of art are really beautiful, creative, and witty (exactly like Kristen!), just see for yourself.

Check out Kristen's Tumblr for more of her designs and info about her!


Stephanie Sabbe said...

links links! I love that first one! I need it!

Erin said...

Hey Stephanie! i just linked her tumblr on here. But, if you want her email, just email me McCabeErin@gmail.com :)