Gleek Dream.

It would be a dream come true to attend this...
Who wants to buy me a plane ticket? 


Falling Slowly.

Today I turned Casa Bonita into an Autumn abode. My theme was a mixture of the song "Falling Slowly" by, The Swell Season, mounted deer heads in green, brown, and light blue, and burnt orange yarn. I wanted to do a little alternative to the typical pumpkins, black, orange, turkey, leaves theme, and must say I love the way it turned out. The smell of my mulled cider candle, cooler temperatures here in Dallas, and my fall break from school are making this fall simply wonderful.


Floating Cottage.

Beautiful. Inspired by icebergs. Found HERE.
Who wants to spend next summer here with me sailing, swimming, reading, tanning, and grilling?



I know I have blogged about Reese Witherspoon and her fabulous style before, but I couldn't help myself. Her summer style was so simple, but wasn't boring. So, if you see me walking around in look alike outfits, don't be surprised.



I have become a slack blogger, never thought I would be, but alas, it has happened. I would say that it is because I am really busy, but I do not like it when people say they are busy. It seems to be the cool thing to say and here in Dallas. Sometimes it even feels like people try to one up each other on their busyness. I get it though, being busy can come across as being wanted and popular (does that even exist in adulthood?) and therefore cool, which can be a deep source of identity. So, I won't say I have been busy, I will just say that my lack of free time (due to school, work, and internship) has been spent in other places. Namely sleeping, talking to my mom on the phone, watching my Tivo, eating tilapia and edamame every single night for dinner, and that is about it.
Each day I feel differently when I look at where my life is right now. Some days I am o.k. with the fact that most of my time is spent doing homework, working retail, and being an intern who doesn't get paid. And along with that doing something social about once a week, twice if I am really lucky. Then, other days I look at my life and think, I am 30, almost 31, spend most of my time doing homework, working retail, and being an intern who doesn't get paid. And along with that doing something social about once a week, twice if I am really lucky. And I get an ache in my stomach and heart and might start to cry, because I don't see life changing much in the next two and a half to three years and I get very tired and angry that I am going to be 33-34 just starting a career and probably alone (because in moments of tiredness of course that issue and assumptions creep in ).
In those moments of crying and being tired just thinking about the next few years of life I am not trusting God. I am not trusting that He will take care of me. That He has brought me to this place. That He is where I find life. That He matters more than my grades. That He has good things in store for me in this season of work and very little rest. That He is a God that provides jobs. That He loves me. Then comparison kicks in big time. I start looking at everyone else's life and thinking how they have it so much better than me and if I was just a smarter/better design student and everything just came naturally (because of course no one else has to work in school it is just all natural to them) then my life wouldn't be as daunting as it looks.
I am leading a Bible Study of sophomores at SMU through RUF (the highlight of my week) and this past Sunday I shared with them my favorite verse, "He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart." -Isaiah 40:11. And, I want to practice the discipline of remembrance and remember the tender words and beautiful picture that in this season of life, that God gathers me close to his heart where he carries me close to him and I can hear his heartbeat of love for me.


October 7, 2010.

For my birthday I am asking for this...
or I may go buy it for myself, because it is just that perfect. 
Wal-Mart $75.00



"Our part is to recognize the deep need for God within us and to offer hospitality to the One who seeks to fill and satisfy that need. Like the psalmist, our souls thirst for God. The good news we share is that through Jesus Christ our thirst can be satisfied."
-Rueben P. Job


Griffith Observatory.

Did you know the band Linkin Park was still around? I didn't. Until last night, when they performed live at the VMAs from Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. Although I am not really a fan of their music, it was an incredible location and an awesome show. And, just one week ago I was walking the trail that takes you from the Hollywood sign to the Griffith Observatory. You can see the G.O. buildings from lots of spots around town and I bet the view of the show with all of the lights was spectacular.


Two of my favorite characteristics of the season that is upon us, porch swings and plaid.


You know you're in Interior Design School when

you took more pictures of the prop house furniture and light fixtures at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in L.A.  last weekend than anything else. 
And, just for fun, here is a picture of me sitting at an exact replica of the Oval Office desk. 
Now, of course, I am dying to be a Set Decorator. This week I started an internship at Muller Entertainment/ The Studios at Las Colinas. Fox's new television show, Lonestar, is being filmed on the first floor of my building and in L.A. there were posters/billboards on every corner. I was so proud (even though the poster is kind of sketch)...



"We glory in the height of our fences (that we build around the darkness in our hearts). God cares about the darkness of our pond (heart)."
-Chad Scruggs
(Parenthesis added by me.)