I cannot believe it is only 3 days until Christmas. (Is it bad that I had to check my phone to know today's date?) Maybe it is that I was finishing school work less than a week ago or that I have been working retail during the holiday season, but for some reason I am not experiencing the Christmas cheer like most years.
Typically I am all into the music, decorations, driving around looking at twinkling lights, and baking sweets. But, this year I am having a hard time getting into the season. In fact, I did not put one Christmas decoration up in my house. And, if you know me at all, you know I love any reason to do a little holiday decorating. The thing is, it's not that I feel like a Scrooge that is hating this holiday. But, I do feel like I am fully experiencing the season of Advent.
At the beginning of Advent (the weeks in the church calendar leading up to the birth of Jesus) I asked God to give me a heart that would fully experience Advent. When I asked for that I was meaning, a heart that is excited about the birth of Christ. But, as the season progressed I found myself experiencing more silence, loneliness, and feelings of uneasiness.
For weeks I have been trying to dissect my heart for what is going on inside that causing these feelings that are out of the norm for me this time of year. Then at church on Sunday Matt taught about "The Angst of Waiting" from of Isaiah 9 and Malachi. And, I got what Advent is really about. He read the last verses of the Old Testament, the last verses before the New Testament where Jesus comes into the world as our Savior, and asked us to turn the page. The next page of my Bible reads, "THE NEW TESTAMENT".  Matt explained that page represents 400 years of waiting and silence. Waiting and silence for the prophesied Savior to come into the world. I wonder what the Israelites must have felt. Probably silence, loneliness, and uneasiness.
I think this year more than any other, even though I am not listening to the Amy Grant Tender Tennessee Christmas album as much as usual, I am experiencing the season of Advent more fully than ever before. And, I think because of it, I love Jesus more and more thankful for his birth than ever in my life.
Image found HERE.

The Royal Tenenbaums.

I love all things that combine interior design/houses and movies/television. Therefore, naturally, I would love these illustrations by Maxim Dalton.
Don't you just want to spend the day on the couch with the Christmas tree lights on and have a Wes Anderson marathon after seeing these? Except, I would not recommend seeing Life Aquatic. It wasn't the best (and I went on kind of an awkward date to see that movie, so I might be a little biased). 


Knock Off.

I have been slightly obsessed with this vest from Anthropologie. But, with the $138 price tag, it is not really an option for me right now (or ever) even with my employee discount. This morning I was looking at the reviews to torture myself/lusting over this vest and noticed that a lady said she got the same vest for just $30. I googled it and found what I think she must have been talking about. The vest is made by sanctuary and Sears (yes, Sears!) has a line called Live Life by sanctuary and they have a vest and a jacket that seem to be made of the same material. (I might be going to my Sears this morning to look at them right at 9) Did I mention that both the vest and jacket are on sale for under $30? So, if you like the Anthro vest, but can't afford it for either yourself or a loved one, take a look at the Sears version. But, I will say Anthro's vest is probably better quality and if you can afford it, totally worth it. It is beautiful, timeless, and oh so chic!

Anthropologie Irresistible Feel Vest

Sophie Fur Vest

Faux Fur Jacket

*Sorry the pictures of the Sears versions are so small, I couldn't find any bigger. 


Winter Break Home Improvement.

Because projects and design are what I am constantly working on and thinking about for school my own home design projects get a little neglected. But, since I am about to embark on a 3 week break I have been inspired to do a few projects for Casa Bonita.

Needlepoint pillows like these:
Found at DecorPad
And, maybe if I am lucky my sweet and darling mother will teach me to needlepoint while I am in NC over the break. Hint Hint, Mel.

Paint the top of my dressing table/bed side table to look something like this:
Painted and Designed by KFD Designs

Recreate this somehow in my home. I am thinking on a little canvas on a stand, a gigantic painting framed, or on a floorcloth with polyurethane to go in front of my kitchen sink.
Thank you CB2 for your beauty of a rug.

I am asking for an electric drill from Santa and if he delivers I would love to find a place in my house to make this curtain rod:
Found via diyideas.com

Recreate a version of these wall collages in my tv room:
Featured on Apartment Therapy
From the blog Thrifty Stylish Home

And last, but certainly not least, add a little ikat to my life:
Once again, K.F.D.

Can you tell I am into retro/colorful/graphic prints with a preppy twist these days? Well, I think these projects should keep me busy enough. I can't wait to show y'all the finished project(s). I mean let's hope I finish more than one! In the meantime, I will be turning in two papers, taking a final, turning in a final project presentation, and rendering an elevation, floor plan, and perspective for the next few days. Pray for me, I need it. 



"Get right to the heart of matters,
It's the heart that matters more."
-Counting Crows


The Heart.

This is probably the best teaching on the heart I have ever heard, by, John Wood (my pastor from Knoxville) and Paige Brown (gosh, I wish she lived in Dallas and could be my mentor). They put into words exactly what I want my life with Jesus to look like. 



Dear Patterned Tights, Colored Tights, and Crocheted Tights,

I love you so much. Thank you for adding a touch of prep to any outfit I wear. I love that along with the preppy-ness you add you also can add a bit of unexpectedness and fun, especially when like today I wear a floral dress with polka dot tights and boots. I am so glad that Blair Waldorf started wearing you on television, therefore making you more mainstream and available at retailers everywhere, and in any price range. I hope you stay around for a long long time.



Mr. Schuester's Dining Room.

This picture is posted on the SDSA website...
I am the one on the left with the dark brown bob laughing. Notice, no one else is laughing or even really smiling, but I guess I found something to be funny. I do not remember this moment of laughter amongst silence though. 
See the lady in the white shirt and black and white pants standing at the head of the table, she is the Set Decorator on Glee, Barbara Munch, we were just hanging out on set. Next time you watch Glee pay special attention to Mr. Schuester's dining room filled with real Pottery Barn furniture. Funny story, Glee asked Pottery Barn to give them furniture originally (because Terri Schuester LOVES Pottery Barn) and they said no. Then, PB came back once the show got bit and offered to donate table, chairs, etc., but Glee was like, we already have our furniture, so nope. Moral of the story, if a television show or movie asks for a donation of your goods, give it to them, you never know if it is going to be the next hit! 


Faux Fire.

I am loving this website this holiday season, because it doesn't feel much like Christmas, due to the 70 degree plus temps here in Dallas. When it is frigid February though, I am sure I will be wishing for these milder winter days. Happy Friday! 



You may remember me sharing a couple weeks ago about a project for my 3D Design class where I had to design a retail space. Well, I finished it (because it was due last night), and I must say am pretty pleased with the final project.
I definitely saw all of my perfectionist tendencies come out to play through the process. I remember a couple months before I went on staff with Young Life a veteran staff person saying, "There is always more to do. At some point you just have to stop." That is the same with design projects too. There was always one more adjustment, perfection, component to add, but at some point I had to stop. And, when I stopped at my self induced set curfew time I had to remember that Jesus loves me no matter what my teacher and classmates think of my work, I have worked hard, used the creativity He has given me, and the skills I learned in class and playing around on SketchUp, and that is enough.
One of the toughest parts of going back to design school for me has been sharing my work in front of other people. At first it felt like my world was crumbling when I received any negative feedback from a teacher or my peers. But, the Lord has worked a lot of growth in my heart towards a place of not finding my identity in if my work is praised by other people. Yet, one more place where in this new(ish now) season of life I see God's sanctifying love in my life.



One day I hope to have a mini me.