Mr. Schuester's Dining Room.

This picture is posted on the SDSA website...
I am the one on the left with the dark brown bob laughing. Notice, no one else is laughing or even really smiling, but I guess I found something to be funny. I do not remember this moment of laughter amongst silence though. 
See the lady in the white shirt and black and white pants standing at the head of the table, she is the Set Decorator on Glee, Barbara Munch, we were just hanging out on set. Next time you watch Glee pay special attention to Mr. Schuester's dining room filled with real Pottery Barn furniture. Funny story, Glee asked Pottery Barn to give them furniture originally (because Terri Schuester LOVES Pottery Barn) and they said no. Then, PB came back once the show got bit and offered to donate table, chairs, etc., but Glee was like, we already have our furniture, so nope. Moral of the story, if a television show or movie asks for a donation of your goods, give it to them, you never know if it is going to be the next hit! 

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eclecticViv said...

Oh my gosh! I can't wait to hear all about this!