Dear Patterned Tights, Colored Tights, and Crocheted Tights,

I love you so much. Thank you for adding a touch of prep to any outfit I wear. I love that along with the preppy-ness you add you also can add a bit of unexpectedness and fun, especially when like today I wear a floral dress with polka dot tights and boots. I am so glad that Blair Waldorf started wearing you on television, therefore making you more mainstream and available at retailers everywhere, and in any price range. I hope you stay around for a long long time.


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Alisa said...

These tights are visually very pleasing. :) I am crazy about patterns myself. My latest find is tights with a pattern that looks like lace-up boots. Glad that celebrities started wearing hosiery - it's been forgotten for many years. May I suggest looking at this little hosiery shop. I love the animal print patterns!