This might be the most beautiful wedding suite I have ever seen...

I love how it is so classic looking, but isn't stale and ordinary. 
Wouldn't you die to be able to handwrite like that?


The New Girl.

I would not mind being an intern in the art department of Zooey Deschanel's new Fox televison show.



I will miss Texas storms, like the one happening outside my window right now. 
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One Week...

Until I leave Dallas to live here:

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So until then I will be dealing with a lot of these:

Eating a lot of this:

Spending as much time as possible with these types:

And, listening to this song a lot:
I know it says "let's move out of Los Angeles", but it also says, "c'mon let's make this dream that's barely half awake come true". And, it is pretty. 


Did You See Google Today?

If not, go to Google and strum the logo's guitar strings. 
Maybe their most creative (and entertaining) yet, in my opinion. 


Swing, Swing, Swing, From the Tangles.

Swinging on swings like this make me feel seasick...

But, I think I could handle swings like these on a lazy summer afternoon. I just love their oversize large scale...

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And, in other news...I got a job at the Anthro in Beverly Hills! 
It feels a little like manna from heaven. And, yes, the zip code is 90210. 



One of my favorite musical artists is Sara Bareilles and her latest album Kaleidoscope Heart (Don't you just looove the name? I do. Shocker, I know.) is just fantastic. The words to many of the songs are rich, the melodies are easy to sing along to, and that is such a killer combination.
Well, recently I was driving down I-75, jamming in my car, singing along to Sara's song "Uncharted" when I was reminded that I get one of the lyrics wrong. Every. Single. Time. I sing it (terribly) "Compare where you are to where you wanna be and you'll get somewhere." The actual line goes "Compare where you are to where you wanna be and you'll get nowhere." 
What a picture of the reality of my heart. For some reason I think that by comparing my talents, gifts, flaws, life circumstances, etc., and making myself feel either elevated or subservient I am going to get somewhere in life. Where I think I am going to get I am not really sure. The thing is "my hope is built on nothing less than Jesus' love and righteousness." Not in the opinion of the person sitting next to me.
If I ever run into Sara Bareilles I am going to tell her how "Uncharted" reminds me each time I hear it that my value comes in the perfect love of Jesus, and not in the cycle of comparison. And, that her and Ingrid Michaelson's duet "Winter Song" is #16 on my iTunes Top 25 most played.