i love lauren conrads front/side braid.
and in case you forgot, both the hills and the city premiere tonight on mtv.



a friend of mine from adpi at tennessee, liz, posted these pictures of a her visit to the california poppy reserve on her facebook. i couldnt resist sharing them on here because they are so breathtakingly gorgeous. she also very cleverly stated that these beautiful poppies are proof that God is a vols fan. i could not agree more.



what a preciously perfect breakfast party.
more and more i just love creating events. it is such a great mix of being with people and design. maybe one day someone will see how much i love it and give me a job that pays the bills and allows me to travel to the beach a few times a year.
all photos plus more found HERE.



i so would have been charlotte in the 80s.
i mean my mom still wears TRETORNS, and i have several bermuda bags and pairs of pom pom socks. who would you have been?

spring cleaning.

doesnt this photo just make you want to clean your cobwebs, closets, and kitchen cabinets?
photo courtesy of APARTMENT THERAPY.



this picture is pretty true of my life right now.

but, for the first time since a little over a month ago i can honestly rejoice in this season of what has felt like suffering (emotionally, financially, and spiritually). this morning at church MATT talked about how rejoicing in suffering is not being happy, but choosing God in the midst of darker times of life. he said that being happy when there is pain and weeping is simply being fake. what freedom to hear that, and he of all people has lived in this place for awhile now. check out the village church podcast to hear the whole sermon. it was beautiful.


apartment lust.

i am slightly obsessed with the apartment belonging to LONNY MAGAZINE editor, michelle adams, and all of her fun trinkets.
and i am especially lusting after this lucite trunk:

how great would it look with shoes or fabrics or vintage magazines filling it?



check out these photos that my friend AUSTIN took for his senior photo shoot at smu. he is crazy talented and creative, hilariously funny, always fashionable, and just an all around fantastic friend to have.


this is what my afternoon looks like...

(plus me getting a tan and some celebrity playlist podcasts. heavenly.)


julia sugarbaker.

i hope i will be both as bold and classy as julia sugarbaker when i am a professional designer.
dixie carter 1939-2010


j crew.

my first thought when seeing the fall jcrew preview was that it looks a little like the little orphans from "annie" but i think that is just because of the colors and ladders. taking a closer look, i love it! look at all those tights, knee socks, shorts, and skirts. and the colors are the perfect fall pallet too. i am glad that we have a few more months before it is time for long sleeves and coats though. bring on the tanks and flip flops!



this picture makes me glad it is warm springtime weather.

and glad these girls are my friends.


big news.

my brother and sister-in-law (jay and holly) are having a BABY in october! i am so excited to be an aunt! jay and holly are going to be fabulous parents because they do fun things like...
go to the beach,
and red sox games (because they do live in boston),

and wear pretty necklaces and bowties.
for real, they are going to be the greatest parents. they love Jesus a lot. they love each other a lot. they are wise with their money. they are wise in general and also fun to be around. baby mccabe is lucky to get to call them mom and dad.

not really big news, but a big bag. this is what my supplies for school came in...and i have to take it to class. luckily it has wheels! but, it is pretty funny watching me take it in and out of the car.
of course i had to take a first day of school picture.


boat and tote.

reese carries them, just like me. so therefore reese and i should be friends.
my school bag is even one of these, with caramel colored straps and my initials.
i cant wait to carry it today to my first day of interior design school!



they are starting to grow.

i can now officially call myself a gardener! through my past few weeks of tending to my garden I am finally getting a better picture of what it means for God to be the gardner of our hearts. if you keep up with my blog you know that the past month or so has been a bit of a life change, in fact it feels like my entire world has been flipped upside down. yes, i am excited about some of the flipping, but at the same time all this change is still happening very fast and my heart cant quite keep up at times. this has been very hard for me to share with the people around me. partly because i am afraid that they will think i am annoying or being ridiculous because the changes in my life are good...going back to school, i got the job at the container store, i didnt get fired, etc. also, i am afraid to let on that i am having a hard time because i want people to think i can handle anything and everything thrown my way. but, in all actuality it feels like God is taking his shovel and digging at my heart so hard that He is getting down past the roots to where the roots dont even exist and tilling that soil. from gardening i have also learned that it wasnt overnight that all my work started to produce something pretty. why would i think my heart would be any different. i know in my head that this is Gods way of taking care of my heart but my heart doest quite believe it (yet). so all this to say, my zinnias are starting to bloom and i pray that soon my heart will be in the same place due to some much needed tending and tilling.
Then bursting forth in glorious day
Up from the grave he rose again
And as He stands in victory
Sin's curse has lost its grip on me
For I am His and He is mine
-In Christ Alone



i get to eat dinner for a friends birthday here tonight.
(if you live in dallas you understand the greatness.)

and i hope to get something similar to this to chow down on.

and something like this to wash it down with.

i hope you have a fabulous friday night wherever you are!


vintage young life.

Time For Living from Dan Dyer on Vimeo.

this is going to be my first summer in i dont know how long that i wont be at a young life camp. and, this video really makes me wish that i was going to spend the best week or month of my life at a yl property.