design sponge is coming out with a book! i simply cannot wait!
read all about it here DESIGN SPONGE BOOK!!!


"there is no quicker way to be disappointed with God than to believe things about Him that He does not say about Himself"
-Matt Chandler

how quickly i believe things about who God is from experiences with people and from how our fallen world works rather than what God says about Himself in His Word. Lord, i believe, help my unbelief. this seems to be a theme for my life.


i got to wear to wear tights today. glorious. fall is on its way and i love it.


"when God's love touches us in our neediness, the sorrow and suffering inherent in the human condition, we name it mercy. mercy is perhaps the loveliest of all God's qualities. this is the love that reaches into the dark space of our flailing and our failing, our losing and our dying. mercy enters that space, picks us up and holds us tenderly until we are healed. little by little, this love draws our wasted energies to purposeful service; it looks directly into our uncomprehending eyes, hears our futile wail, and says "no matter, i love you anyway. come on..." and so mercy brings us to ever-new life."
-"living in the mercy"
i do love ribbon.


i have been a slack blogger lately. some fun stuff has been going on lately though. yl volunteer leader retreat, staff retreat at sky ranch, jv football games, middle school lunches, hphs pep rally, i mean i love the start of the school year! lots of fun stuff to do with young life and also along with the start of the school year comes autumn. i am so ready for the new season.

along with autumn comes:

the start of ut football and lane kiffins premiere as the coach of the vols. tomorrow 11 oclock. oh how i wish i could be in rocky top.

tights and hopefully more time to play dominoes. two of my favorite things.

now i cant guarantee that the Lord will bring my heart to a place of a new season but i am kind of hoping He will. for the past couple months it has been in a season of a little loneliness, frustration, and discontentment.

so heres to autumn.