It's That Time of Year Again!

Yes, you have been dreaming of this since last February, the love, the beauty, the little flutter in your heart; because in just two days it is ranunculus flower season! I am not a fan of most flowers or flower arrangements, because I think they end up looking and coming off as unoriginal and overdone. But, I looove ranunculus, like heart skip a beat love them (now that may be a bit of an exaggeration). But, in any case, it's their time to shine and make themselves a staple in my kitchen and on my bedside table. What a great something to look forward to this week! Here are some images for you, so you can pick up a bunch at at your local grocery store for yourself or someone you love (hint hint). 
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I'm Just Saying Hiii, to Your Answering Bell

I have been watching Bridesmaids as I work this morning from my house. (And, I just noticed it is 1:00, where has the day gone?) Even though there are some sketch parts, Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy are hilarious ("I took 9 dogs and it turns out I am probably more comfortable with 6"), the cop is precious, and I love that the movie is about relationships and things girls really think and feel. The part where I am right now has Ryan Adams' song Answering Bell playing in the background. What a good song. The lyrics at the beginning just speak to my single girl heart that although not flippantly, does know what it feels like to meet guys and think oh, boy I wish I knew you well. In case you don't know the song, here is an acoustic version that is worth a listen.


Pinterest Dump.

Here are some of my most recent favorites from the ever addicting and always inspiring Pinterest...

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I made these bars Friday and must say they turned out pretty tasty. 
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"The word community has many connotations, some positive, some negative. Community can make us think of a safe togetherness, shared meals, common goals, and joyful celebrations. It also can call forth images of sectarian exclusivity, in-group language, self-satisfied isolation, and romantic naiveté'. However, community is first of all a quality of the heart. It grows from the spiritual knowledge that we are alive not for ourselves but for one another. Community is the fruit of our capacity to make the interests of others more important than our own (see Philippians 2:4). The question, therefore, is not "How can we make community" but "How can we develop a nurture of giving hearts?"
-Henri Nouwen

Henri Nouwen does it again. As someone living in a new city for the past 6 months building community has been one of the main, if not the main focus of life for me this past half of the year. The importance of community is something I read about, hear about, and talk about often, it seems to be everywhere! It is especially quite the hot topic in Christian culture, as it should be, I suppose.
I confess that I have spent much of the past 6 months thinking of community as something I must create for myself, not a quality of the heart. Frequently my thoughts on how to develop community are "how can I make community" and "who are the people here like me and meet my standard of what a good friend is and at the same time can meet my needs relationally".  Maybe I should be thinking "how can I develop a nurture of giving my heart" and "community isn't about or grown out of self satisfaction, it is about and grown out of a heart that loves others as Jesus would." It seems as if the answers to those thoughts are what will develop a lifestyle of community. So, here is to 2012, the year of developing a nurture of giving hearts!



I just realized that this past week most of the television shows and movies I have watched have been about sports; Friday Night Lights (tv) and Moneyball (movie). My dad has worked in sports as long as I can remember and watching FNL and Moneyball reminded me of a lot of moments from when I was growing up.

As a kid and teenager my family would spend our weekends going to college basketball tournaments, NASCAR races, golf tournaments, and traveling to see professional baseball games. I remember talking about Georgia Tech's Triple Threat over the family dinner table, discussing whether or not Heath Shuler would enter the draft early with my dad in the car on the way to school in middle school, watching Wimbledon at the beach every summer, and going over baseball stats in the sports page on Saturday mornings with my brother before he was even in kindergarten.

Those times made up some of my favorite childhood memories. It was something my family could do together, it was something we could do with other families, and it was something we could all talk about together.

I am really thankful my Dad worked in sports growing up. (And, he still does, go BMS!) Not only did it allow me to win a sports trivia contest in college, but also brought my family together in a really neat way. I hope one day if I have my own family we can eat a game day dog from Neyland Stadium, experience a NASCAR race in person, and see our favorite Major League Baseball player (who will definitely be a Cardinal) hit a home run. And, at the dinner table I hope we talk about things like who we think will win the Masters, how great the SEC is, and what an awesome quarterback Peyton Manning was in his prime. I also hope that sports are something that brings my family together the same way it did for me growing up.
My Dad and me at a Tennessee football game a few years ago. 


Abstract Art.

I am usually not an abstract art fan. It is probably because I like for art to have some sort of meaning, usually sentimental or a reminder of some sort, and I don't always see the meaning behind pieces of abstract art. When we studied abstract in Art History I totally lost interest and some of the time could not see what the artist was trying to convey, and that really frustrated me. But, on Pinterest I have seen some really beautiful pieces of abstract art, enough that I would put any one of these up in my own home, and consider painting something like this myself as a way to convey my heart.
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"Epiphany is the day and season in the church year when we patiently watch and listen as God is quietly revealed before us one again. Sometimes, even when we try hard to do so, we just don't see God in our everyday lives or in the events of our world. Epiphany gives us the time and the resources to watch, wait, listen, look, and anticipate the light, life, and truth of the Lord's presence in our midst...As we watch and wait in the light of Christ, we begin to see the unfolding drama of the Christ child becoming prophet, healer, teacher, and savior. Much of the story is still to be told, but already we are being reminded of the direction in which this one sacred life is moving. Here was life at its very purest and very best. Life that had come from God was walking with God and was going to God (John 13:3). This life "enlightens" us as we remember that we too have come from God, are invited to walk with God, and one day will be fully at home with God." 
-Norman Shawchuck and Rueben P. Job

Look at all those verbs...
watch, wait, listen, look, see, anticipate, invite, walk, remember, revealed, reminded, moving, walking with God, going to God. I am thankful for the season of Epiphany today and all of those verbs that make life, which feels to move very fast, have a steady slow rhythm of life with Jesus.


L.A. Tourists

What a fun few days it was with Kristen and Mary Ann in Los Angeles! I love it when people come in town, (for many reasons) one being because it forces me to enjoy all of the things that make the city where I live unique. 
Shopping on Abbott Kinney Street in Venice.
 The best (and most expensive) cake stand shop in America.
Mimosas and art at The Getty.
Dollar cupcakes at Lemonade.
Happy New Years from The Woods!
Strolling around Rodeo Drive.
We finished their visit with breakfast tailgating and the Rose Bowl Parade. 
The Rose Bowl Parade is probably my favorite thing I have done since moving to L.A. It is definitely going to become a yearly tradition. I just hope K-Rod and M.A. will be there every year! 
All of you are invited too!