"Epiphany is the day and season in the church year when we patiently watch and listen as God is quietly revealed before us one again. Sometimes, even when we try hard to do so, we just don't see God in our everyday lives or in the events of our world. Epiphany gives us the time and the resources to watch, wait, listen, look, and anticipate the light, life, and truth of the Lord's presence in our midst...As we watch and wait in the light of Christ, we begin to see the unfolding drama of the Christ child becoming prophet, healer, teacher, and savior. Much of the story is still to be told, but already we are being reminded of the direction in which this one sacred life is moving. Here was life at its very purest and very best. Life that had come from God was walking with God and was going to God (John 13:3). This life "enlightens" us as we remember that we too have come from God, are invited to walk with God, and one day will be fully at home with God." 
-Norman Shawchuck and Rueben P. Job

Look at all those verbs...
watch, wait, listen, look, see, anticipate, invite, walk, remember, revealed, reminded, moving, walking with God, going to God. I am thankful for the season of Epiphany today and all of those verbs that make life, which feels to move very fast, have a steady slow rhythm of life with Jesus.

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