Streams of Living Water Flow

See, from Zion's sacred mountain,
Streams of living water flow.
God has opened there a fountain
That supplies the plains below.

They are blessed, They are blessed
Who its sovereign virtues know.

Through ten thousand channels flowing,
Streams of mercy find their way.
Life and health and joy bestowing
Making all around unstained.

O believer, O believer
All thy sins are washed away.

Gladdened by the flowing treasure
All enriching as it goes.
Lo, the desert smiles with pleasure
Buds and blossoms as the rose.

Every sinner, every sinner
Sings for joy where'er it flows.

Trees of life the banks adorning,
Yield their fruit to all around.
Those who eat are saved from mourning,
Pleasure comes and hopes abound.

Fair their portion, Fair their portion
Endless life with glory crowned.

-Red Mountain Music

i havent written on here in a long time...obviously. yesterday my heart felt very renewed. for some reason my heart for Jesus felt very new. and in turn my heart for my high school friends to know him felt very new as well. that was a good thing. i am realizing that conversation really drives my thinking in that, if i am not having deep conversation with people my heart and mind kind of ignores those deeper things going on inside me. and because of that, i feel very disconnected from my real self. and lately, i have had this little problem of not being able to control if and when i fall asleep. my friends have started saying i am narcoleptic. i think all of this is connected. being disconnected from my real self makes my days tiring and my body cannot live that way. so i fall asleep on the couch hanging out with my roommate or with friends over or worst of all at a friends house! how terrible is that...i fell asleep at my friends house and slept on their couch sitting up for about 2 hours. terrible i tell you.
the song above is by red mountain church in birmingham. check them out. you wont regret it.