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L.A. Update via Instagram.

Here is the update on life in L.A. over the past couple months via Instagram; lets head all the way back to the Hunger Games...
Went to a Hunger Games screening with my roommate and saw Katniss and the Fandango puppet.
Springed up the house a bit!
My Mom and Mimi came to visit and we spent a gorgeous afternoon at The Getty.
Read this greatness in Desiring the Kingdom
Watched the Dodgers beat the Pirates with some friends from church.
Helped with the aesthetics and flowers for a wedding.
Ate Chick-Fil-A four times in one week!
Saw Coldplay at the Hollywood Bowl with some friends.
Enjoyed a very relaxing Sunday afternoon with a friend in Malibu.
Studied, studied, studied for a history mid-term.
Just this week was at a local restaurant's waiting area and this book was sitting on the coffee table, therefore I regained hope of people learning manners in Los Angeles. Just kidding. Sort of.

And, then there is the non-Instagram update...work stuff at PCC has been on the busier side with organizing a month long Relationship Seminar (you can and should listen to it here, it was great!) and hosting a Neighborhood Party this past weekend. Plus, there is the everyday, keeping up with friends, sitting in traffic, babysitting, RUF, emails, trying to keep my room clean, you know the drill. Whew, what a great spring it has been! Glory glory! Now it's time to bring on more sunshine, warmer temperatures (May gray seems to be a real thing here, boo!) and summer, summer, summertime! 

p.s. Here is my Intagrid.