i am in colorado right now so dont have much time to blog. but, God is doing some great stuff in my heart and i cannot wait to see what all He is going to do throughout the rest of my 3 weeks here. when it isnt 11:15 at night and our first round of campers come tomorrow i will blog about my heart.
but, here is a little fun thing from my time in the mountains...
today one of my friends here told me about this website today and i am slightly obsessed...ROSA LOVES. i bought this t-shirt today from the website and cannot wait for it to get here to crooked creek so i can wear it and the story of rosa close to my heart.


No more let sins and sorrows grow,
Nor thorns infest the ground;
He comes to make His blessings grow
Far as the curse is found, far as the curse is found, far as, far as, the curse is found.


i have found the perfect t-shirt. yes, it is true, it is perfect. so if you want to own your own God's gift to the world via t-shirts click HERE and see the greatness that american apparel has to offer. below is a sampling.

now after seeing that picture you may wonder why it is so great, because it looks like a regular ole tshirt. well, i am going to give you three reasons why:
1. it is so soft, you think someone may have owned it before you and worn it in the perfect amount. but, do not worry it doesnt smell funny.
2. it has the most perfect scoop neck. not too revealing but not your basic crew.
3. it is the perfect length. maybe that is just because i am super short and so shirts are typically so long they look like a dress. but, this shirt hits at just the right spot.


i sure do heart kris allen. he is so cute, he loves Jesus, and in this picture i really like his shirt. i go for team guy next door not team guyliner!


something about me loves pain. emotional pain that is. i love entering into it with other people. i love watching it in movies. i love hearing the realness of it in music. i love reading about other peoples pain and seeing how the Lord enters into it and heals. i think i love these things because in that i get to experience the realness of the deep emotions and hurt, but do not experience the repercussions of it in my own heart.
recently i saw the movie adventureland. in it em, (played by kristen stewart, of twilight) is living a life where on the outside she is rebellious and sleeping with a married guy. but, on the inside she is experiencing so much pain. her mother died a couple years ago and she is hurting so much from it. she tries to talk about it but never identifies the pain, just the anger towards her dad for marrying a "social climbing witch" (i hope i got that quote right). i love her character. she wants to let people in the right way. she misses her mom. she wants to have more value than being this married guys mistress.
this is the kind of movie that brings my heart to its element. it makes me realize the utter and complete need for Jesus. and isnt that what life is all about? it reminds me that the heart is what matters. it forces me to look outside clothing, money, status, beautiful faces/ugly faces and all the messages that comes with looking at those things throughout the day.
so, if you have a free night and adventureland is at your local dollar theater check it out. and look at the heart of em. and maybe you will get a glimpse into the heart of the people that live around you.

p.s. i think secretly i am such an emo-chick.
p.p.s. a couple other places i love to see the realness of pain is in the movies good will hunting, life as a house, and garden state. and, a few great musicians that enter pain excellently are joshua radin, patty griffin, and jj alberhaskys song "good advice". the best book about the Lord entering into pain with us that i know of is henri nouwens "inner voice of love"
i have always wanted to be a runner. even when i was swimming long distances almost every single day, i couldnt run for the life of me. even if someone was chasing me i think i would have lost steam about 5 seconds into the panic and running. but, this past week i started running with a friend. we run, walk, run, walk, and so on. it was amazing, the first day it wasnt that hard and i actually could do it. i dont know what i thought would happen, maybe that i would start running, my heart would stop, and i would pass out right there on the sidewalk and never recover. hasnt happened! then the second time we went running it was even easier and we could run longer. i loved it! it was like beating the run, hitting it in the face, socking it in the stomach, then stomping on its feet and getting a gold medal in the end. maybe i am being dramatic, but that is how accomplished, triumphant, fabulous i feel that i am now a runner. i sweat and feel tired and at times have a hard time breathing but it is all worth it and quite enjoyable.
here is one of my all time favorite runners who may actually be one of my running heroes.


i love swimming. this article is interesting about michael phelps and i have swam in this charlotte pool! it motivates me to get up in the morning for my 8:30 run with jen. read HERE.

oh and i just have to...
happy birthday rob pats!

he does not get a top 10 birthday list, because i do not know him personally. only my real friends get a top 10.


here is a glimpse into my trip to portland to visit my bestie lindsay, and her boyfriend koes. more to come later :)




right now as i lay in my bed reading and getting ready to fall asleep i cant stop listening to this song over and over again. this week my bible study is about how love makes the difference. it sounds so cliche. but, the readings for reflection have been deep and very real talking about loving through giving our lives away and how the love of Christ is the only thing strong enough to keep us faithful. this song seems to fit with my readings and scripture for the week.
how i want the Lord to be my love...i want Him...i want Him to know me.

i want you to be my love
by, over the rhine

I want you to be my love
I want you to be my love
'Neath the moon and the stars above
I want you to be my love

I want you to know me now
I want you to know me now
Break a promise make a vow
I know you want me now

Like I want you

I want you to be my love
I want you to be my love
'Neath the moon and the stars above
I want you to be my love

'Cause I want you
I know all you--
All you've been through
i heart reese witherspoon and her everyday casual style.