something about me loves pain. emotional pain that is. i love entering into it with other people. i love watching it in movies. i love hearing the realness of it in music. i love reading about other peoples pain and seeing how the Lord enters into it and heals. i think i love these things because in that i get to experience the realness of the deep emotions and hurt, but do not experience the repercussions of it in my own heart.
recently i saw the movie adventureland. in it em, (played by kristen stewart, of twilight) is living a life where on the outside she is rebellious and sleeping with a married guy. but, on the inside she is experiencing so much pain. her mother died a couple years ago and she is hurting so much from it. she tries to talk about it but never identifies the pain, just the anger towards her dad for marrying a "social climbing witch" (i hope i got that quote right). i love her character. she wants to let people in the right way. she misses her mom. she wants to have more value than being this married guys mistress.
this is the kind of movie that brings my heart to its element. it makes me realize the utter and complete need for Jesus. and isnt that what life is all about? it reminds me that the heart is what matters. it forces me to look outside clothing, money, status, beautiful faces/ugly faces and all the messages that comes with looking at those things throughout the day.
so, if you have a free night and adventureland is at your local dollar theater check it out. and look at the heart of em. and maybe you will get a glimpse into the heart of the people that live around you.

p.s. i think secretly i am such an emo-chick.
p.p.s. a couple other places i love to see the realness of pain is in the movies good will hunting, life as a house, and garden state. and, a few great musicians that enter pain excellently are joshua radin, patty griffin, and jj alberhaskys song "good advice". the best book about the Lord entering into pain with us that i know of is henri nouwens "inner voice of love"

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afcsmu said...

ha! about the "emo-girl" confession.