i have always wanted to be a runner. even when i was swimming long distances almost every single day, i couldnt run for the life of me. even if someone was chasing me i think i would have lost steam about 5 seconds into the panic and running. but, this past week i started running with a friend. we run, walk, run, walk, and so on. it was amazing, the first day it wasnt that hard and i actually could do it. i dont know what i thought would happen, maybe that i would start running, my heart would stop, and i would pass out right there on the sidewalk and never recover. hasnt happened! then the second time we went running it was even easier and we could run longer. i loved it! it was like beating the run, hitting it in the face, socking it in the stomach, then stomping on its feet and getting a gold medal in the end. maybe i am being dramatic, but that is how accomplished, triumphant, fabulous i feel that i am now a runner. i sweat and feel tired and at times have a hard time breathing but it is all worth it and quite enjoyable.
here is one of my all time favorite runners who may actually be one of my running heroes.

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