Swing, Swing, Swing, From the Tangles.

Swinging on swings like this make me feel seasick...

But, I think I could handle swings like these on a lazy summer afternoon. I just love their oversize large scale...

Source: google.com via Solena on Pinterest

Source: None via Kelley on Pinterest

And, in other news...I got a job at the Anthro in Beverly Hills! 
It feels a little like manna from heaven. And, yes, the zip code is 90210. 


abby | ybba said...

Whoa... If I had space and a great location to place a swing, I SOOO would get one. The ones you put up here looks so lovely... And YES a lazy summer day! It would be so awesome to have those on summer nights with candles around just enjoying the *sigh*


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Alex said...

Congrats on the perfect Cali job! Glad to see you're doing well.

- Your CCR bestie

swhite7196 said...

I love porches and swings! Your blog today made me happy and relaxed just looking at these dreamy photos!

SRSBZNZ (Eva) said...

yayyyyy i am so glad you get to transfer!! (and jealous that it's going to be 90210...)

also ... this is the best post ever. i love porch swings.

SRSBZNZ (Eva) said...

yayyyy i am so glad you get to transfer!! and, of course, jealous that you're working in the 90210.

also, this is the best post ever. i love porch swings!