Winter Break Home Improvement.

Because projects and design are what I am constantly working on and thinking about for school my own home design projects get a little neglected. But, since I am about to embark on a 3 week break I have been inspired to do a few projects for Casa Bonita.

Needlepoint pillows like these:
Found at DecorPad
And, maybe if I am lucky my sweet and darling mother will teach me to needlepoint while I am in NC over the break. Hint Hint, Mel.

Paint the top of my dressing table/bed side table to look something like this:
Painted and Designed by KFD Designs

Recreate this somehow in my home. I am thinking on a little canvas on a stand, a gigantic painting framed, or on a floorcloth with polyurethane to go in front of my kitchen sink.
Thank you CB2 for your beauty of a rug.

I am asking for an electric drill from Santa and if he delivers I would love to find a place in my house to make this curtain rod:
Found via diyideas.com

Recreate a version of these wall collages in my tv room:
Featured on Apartment Therapy
From the blog Thrifty Stylish Home

And last, but certainly not least, add a little ikat to my life:
Once again, K.F.D.

Can you tell I am into retro/colorful/graphic prints with a preppy twist these days? Well, I think these projects should keep me busy enough. I can't wait to show y'all the finished project(s). I mean let's hope I finish more than one! In the meantime, I will be turning in two papers, taking a final, turning in a final project presentation, and rendering an elevation, floor plan, and perspective for the next few days. Pray for me, I need it. 

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