Knock Off.

I have been slightly obsessed with this vest from Anthropologie. But, with the $138 price tag, it is not really an option for me right now (or ever) even with my employee discount. This morning I was looking at the reviews to torture myself/lusting over this vest and noticed that a lady said she got the same vest for just $30. I googled it and found what I think she must have been talking about. The vest is made by sanctuary and Sears (yes, Sears!) has a line called Live Life by sanctuary and they have a vest and a jacket that seem to be made of the same material. (I might be going to my Sears this morning to look at them right at 9) Did I mention that both the vest and jacket are on sale for under $30? So, if you like the Anthro vest, but can't afford it for either yourself or a loved one, take a look at the Sears version. But, I will say Anthro's vest is probably better quality and if you can afford it, totally worth it. It is beautiful, timeless, and oh so chic!

Anthropologie Irresistible Feel Vest

Sophie Fur Vest

Faux Fur Jacket

*Sorry the pictures of the Sears versions are so small, I couldn't find any bigger. 

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