Kate Spade.

For my Fundamentals of 3-Dimensional Design class I am having to design an upscale clothing store in NorthPark Mall. It has turned out to be one of my favorite projects to work on in school thus far. The project is done entirely in Google SketchUp, which I have loooved learning. It is fun to finally see my design ideas played out, even if it is just on the computer. For my store I have been drawing lots of inspiration from Kate Spade's retail interiors, especially the Soho space. They are so fabulous I just want to eat them up with a spoon!
Can't wait to share my store (I named it sparrow) with y'all in the next couple weeks! I am glad to finally be excited about a project in school again too. The past couple weeks I feel like I was SO excited from my trip to California about interior design and set design and where God is leading me that I kind of sunk real low for a couple days once I was back in the routine of school work and work work, but feel like things are on the up and up again. Goodnight!


Caroline White said...

1. Love Kate Spade
2. Love that you love what you're doing (in school and in life)
3. Matthew 10:31 - love the incorporation of your life verse with your store.

:peace and love said...

There's a really great series of podcasts on how to use Sketchup- it's called the SketchUp Show. And I had/have a crush on one of the guys that teaches. *sigh*