Falling Slowly.

Today I turned Casa Bonita into an Autumn abode. My theme was a mixture of the song "Falling Slowly" by, The Swell Season, mounted deer heads in green, brown, and light blue, and burnt orange yarn. I wanted to do a little alternative to the typical pumpkins, black, orange, turkey, leaves theme, and must say I love the way it turned out. The smell of my mulled cider candle, cooler temperatures here in Dallas, and my fall break from school are making this fall simply wonderful.


Sarah Stutts said...

I love your magazines piled up in the fireplace :)

April said...

:) I LOVE Falling Slowly! And your decor looks lovely ... very fall, but not so typical fall-ish.

Have you seen the movie Once? If you like the Swell Season, you'd love it :)

lazybird said...

you are too cute erin...i heart the chalkboard.....makes me want to go dig in some garbage piles for treasures!