V-Necks and Button Downs.

So the other night my roommate (and now co-worker) Scarlette and I were killing time at Target before going to meet our friend Irene downtown at Pattern Bar. We were passing the Men's section and I noticed several pairs of colored chinos hanging there, and mentioned that I would like those on a man. Scarlette and I then decided to pick out an outfit each that we think would be really cute on a guy. The results were absolutely hilarious.

Scarlette's Picks:

And, here is what Scarlette was wearing:
Target V-Neck
Gap Jeans

Here were my guy picks:

 And, here is what I was wearing:
Old Navy Button Down
Anthropologie Pilcro Cords 

It may not seem that funny to you, but we laughed for a good while there in Target once we realized each of us had chosen pretty much just what we were wearing ourselves. Basically it appears we are looking for a boyfriend we can share clothes with. 

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