the banquet is over! hooray! and, it was so much fun! i decided my next career is going to be party planning. i love picking out the decorations, getting invitations together, and all that kind of stuff. my dream right now would be to put together middle school girl birthday parties. that way i could be with middle school kids and plan their parties. and, do not worry, they would not be anything like my super sweet 16 on mtv. those are crazy. and, i mean, what are those kids going to expect when they get older, just a more extreme party. or, i would at least. i would think every party needed to be that great. and, i would think yes, i am special, i deserve all of this glory. but they do not. ok, now that i have gone off about party planning and indulging kids in bday parties, back to the banquet. the main thing is Jesus was glorified in a great way. my boss nick spoke and he gave our guests a beautiful picture of how Jesus cares for the hearts of people and that is what we do in yl. the entire night just made me so thankful that God has brought me here to ministry in hp. it just seems to fit. forever plaid. haha. here is a picture of some of the hpyl committee from last night.

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