so today we fell back in time. not that we had the chance to relive a moment in time but you know what i mean. and yes, it is 6:54 and i am awake and have been awake for about an hour. why you may ask. because i cannot sleep in. and, i hate it. yes, the strong word hate would be appropriate here. i have never been much of a late sleeper, but in early college i could sleep late with the best of em. and, since then my sleeping has gotten progressively worse. most nights i wake up at least once during the night. sometimes long enough to watch an episode of tv, others just long enough to flip over to my other side, look at the clock, and cuss in my head that i am awake, or sigh of relief because i do not have to get up for another 6 hours. in college i heard a song by brandon heath that said "Did you wake me up this morning to be taught To be lead into the clutches of the people that you sought". i simply prayed that God would wake me up to spend time with Him. (i even gave up watching tv in the morning for lent that year). well, the prayer worked. why did i ever doubt it would? ever since then i have woken up especially early. i wish i spent that time with the Lord instead of just laying in bed, listening to music, watching movies on my laptop, facebooking, blogging, or anything else that requires laziness. but, there are many a mornings when that time has been spent in the "clutches of the people that you sought". and it is usually a very sweet time. a time that brings my heart to good places and a good rhythm to my life.
so heres to falling back in time and answered prayers.

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