this painting is one of my favorites. it is by rembrandt and in case you have never seen or heard of it, it is his interpretation of the prodigal son. which, is also one of my favorite parables from the Bible. what a beautiful story of God's love for us in the midst of our rebellion. whenever i read this story i wonder what i would do as each of the main players in the story...the father, the son who ran away, and the son who stayed. would i be filled with grace for my son who squandered all his money away? would i hide my face from the father and be afraid to see him? would i be jealous of my brother, who took his inheritance and wasted it came back and no one seemed mad? grace, probably not. hide, yes. and jealous, most definitely. and that is why i need Jesus. because i am full of selfish desires and Jesus makes it so i can live with God forever and not full of a heart that hopes for nothing more than those desires.

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