i had the best morning! usually my mornings are rushed, shower, breakfast, gather things for the day, fast time with Jesus, then out the door. this morning was slow paced though. it was one of the first times this semester i didnt have to be out the door anywhere by 9. which, to most people in the corporate world is considered late. so many of my nights are spent doing young life stuff that i sometimes dont stop working until midnight or later. but, this morning was glorious. i woke up around 7ish, heated up a mug of mint chocolate mint, grabbed my Bible, journal, and books, and spent some good time with Jesus. i loved it. it reminded me of the years when i would sit in my car at cherokee in knoxville and spend time hearing the voice of the Lord. not that i dont spend that time now. it reminded me how great slow time is for my soul.
"when i listen closely to the story, move closer to the light, my fears seem to evaporate like an early morning mist, and i can believe again. i can believe that God who made all that is became clothed in our human flesh so that we might become clothed in God. i can belive that God claims me as a beloved child. i can believe that all my days are in God's strong and tender hands. i can believe that life is good, beautiful, and eternal. i can believe that not only my days but all my days are in God's good and able hands. i can believe, rejoice, and wait trustingly and expectantly for the unfolding of God's promise given so many ways and most clearly in the Advent story. thanks be to God!"
-rueben p. job

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