tonight i went to see twilight. and, contrary to most people, i loved it. i mean absolutely loved it. yes, at times it was a bit scary. but all in all i just loved the story. i love how edward will stop at nothing to be with and protect bella. he wants to know her. it seems as if there is nothing she can do or say that will make him stop loving her. how often i long for that too. i try to hide the ugly parts of me from everyone so that there is nothing unattractive about me out there for people to see. as much as i want to be known it also scares me so much. i wonder if edward cullen appeared in my bedroom telling me he wanted to know me, if i would feel free to be me or would i feel i had to be who he wants me to be? well, i would probably be frightened that a vampire magically appeared in my bedroom without opening the door :) i hope i dream of edward tonight.

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