what a great night. tillmans with jen and mere. french fry trio, dessert, and champagne. delish. the bishop arts district in dallas is so adorable. lots of shops with open doors and unique home decor, gifts, and clothes. i love living in this city. tonight we drove home through main street downtown. there were lights strung across the street connecting the buildings. i loved it and may have squeeled it was so cute. it made me think of the song silver bells "its christmastime in the city". love it.
another thing that makes this night great is that it is 11:11 and i am in bed in my pajamas all ready to snuggle up with the newest real simple magazine that came in the mail today and tom hanks and meg ryan aka joe fox and kathleen kelly. if you know the movie, make a comment and i will send you a prize :)

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kristen vasgaard said...

you've got mail! i watched it the other day. 13 going on 30 was on earlier tonight so i of course thought of you!