yesterday i received the first chapter of donald millers new book in the mail. my friend lindsays boyfriend goes to church with donnie (i only wish he and i had the kind of friendship where we had nicknames for each other. i would call him donnie or millie. i think he would call me mccabe or cabe.) and since linds knows i am such a donnie millie fan she passed it along to me. it took me about .5 seconds to get situated on the couch, rip open the envelope, and fall right into the pages of a million miles in a thousand years. i love the way donald miller thinks. he thinks many of the things i do, but he says them for millions of people to read. and he communicates them in words that make his thoughts sound so honest, normal, and easy. he seems to be very observant of everyday situations. he seems to relate everything to his heart for Jesus. like in those everyday situations he observes and then his thoughts on the situation are centered around his heart for Jesus and the people in the situations hearts. i love that. when i read donnnies books i begin to see more of Jesus in the little things throughout my day. my heart seems to experience life richer. i was listening to an ole miss ruf sermon yesterday and les newsome was talking about gaining eternal life and what Jesus says to do to get it, "simply make certain that everything you do, everything you think, and everything that you say is done only and always in reference to your life consuming love of God." beautiful. hard. easy. tender. strong. lovely. deep. lifelong. passionate. with others. freeing. ministry. those are just some of the words that popped in my head as i listened to les speak those words for about the fifth time in the past twenty four hours. when i read donald millers book i feel like he lives that kind of life. i want that kind of life. i want everything i do, think, and speak about to be done in reference to my love affair with God. people would see Jesus more. i probably wouldnt compare myself as much as i do. i would love people more. i wouldnt be such a people pleaser. people would feel freer to be who God made them to be in my presence. thank you Jesus for making life with youbeautiful. hard. easy. tender. strong. lovely. deep. lifelong. passionate. with others. freeing. ministry.

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kristen vasgaard said...

mccabe! i just (re)discovered your blog! since i still haven't called you its a great way to catch up on your life ;-) and its so very "mccabe"...i love it.
let me know how don's (That's what we call him in the biz) book is because I have to do the cover when he finishes it!!!
love you! krod