i love ranunculus. they are only available february-may, so it is almost time for them. and, i cant wait!

but, as i look at these pretty flowers i cant help but think about how flowers are not the way to my heart from a sweet boy. most girls swoon and love them. for some reason to me flowers are kinda cheesy, i dont know what to do when i get them, and they make me feel uncomfortable for some reason. flowers do not show me love. they show me cliche. my roommate and i were on a walk the other day and we were talking about the ways we receive and give love. God made us all so different, therefore of course we show and give love differently. i think it is so hard to see love when it comes in a form that i dont give it away. my selfishness gets in the way. david wilcox says, "thats the mystery of the love thing. because what they need the most is what is hardest for you to give. and you have to learn to give it." i love that honesty. so all of this to say, a post it note with words of affirmation=love more than flowers=love.

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