so another heart post. hearts are kinda one of my things. a few years ago my dear friend julie encouraged me to really look at the heart. my heart. the heart of others. and not just to look at the heart but to value the heart. God says that He looks not at outer appearances, but at the heart. so if the heart is what God looks at then it naturally should be what i look at in myself and the people around me. lately that has been hard. i am so prone to fall into the trap where i know the Lord values the heart but i see the world around me valuing other things and i begin comparing myself and seeing all of the places i feel i fall short. but the Lord looks at the heart. He does not look at how i look. how funny i am. if i can keep good conversation with strangers. what kind of music i like. who i was in high school. how i dress. if i am athletic. the Lord looks at the heart. i have started putting hearts up at different places in my house to remind myself that is what the Lord looks at and that is what i want to look at in the people i live life with. that is what He values. and i pray that my heart knows that more each day.

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