today i was missing knoxville. i dont know why. maybe because i was wearing orange. (you know i dont really think that...i hope at least) maybe it was because i listened to jon blacks song about knoxville on myspace at work. maybe it was the weather. it seemed like a typical east tennessee winter day. brisk, cold, sunny. i was listening to "walk with me" by caedmons call on repeat. that song reminds me of the time in my life when i lived in knoxville. when i think of my last couple years in tn it feels very comfortable. i dont remember the first few times of heading to carter high school, being the new girl on yl staff, or figuring out how to have friends out of college when my schedule is so different than most people in the working world. i just remember thursday mornings at chick fil a where jim branch would lead our east side staff into the Word, knowing how to get around town like the back of my hand, seeing a familiar face everywhere i went, cedar springs pres feeling like home, changing and growing in ministry and personally each day it seemed, and mornings at the boulevard in my car hearing the heartbeat of the Lord.
today my heart longed to see the mountains in the distance. i longed to see cherokee boulevard, eat at longs or cardins, drive down kingston pike, hop on over to the young life house, sit in julies chair, eat at copper cellar after quest, spending time with college freshmen i love. but, more than anything i think i longed to be in the place in life i was in when i lived in knoxville. the city, my job, my friends, all felt safe. i was changing and growing so much because everything was exciting and new, but it all was safe. i know that sounds like it doesnt make sense. but, in the midst of all of the change and growing up many things stayed constant, the life things like friends, church, scenery was all the same. and, in all of that change i feel i really became more of who God made me to be. who He made my heart to be in full time ministry, and as a friend and daughter to my friends and parents. thank you jimbranch, demet, krod, jules, tt,melissa, smallgroup, tiffany, megans, clairese, chsyl, and Jesus for playing a part in who i am now.

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JMac said...

Not many things cut to my heart, but you've got a way of doing that. Thanks.