for all you faithful readers out there, i apologize for my absence from the blog world. so to make up for the lack of blogging i will give you my highs and lows of the past week or so. lets start with the lows so as to end on a high note :)


-by far and away the top low is accidentally erasing everything off my ipod. did tears well up in my eyes? yes. did i cuss in my head? yes. did i want to take back the previous 5 minutes in time more than almost ever before yes. am i making it? yes. am i very thankful for pandora? yes. am i wanting all you readers out there to send me cds of your favorite indie, pop, folk, hymns, and any other tunes you love to me? yes.
-migraines. i had one almost every day for the past week.


-the fact that there arent too many lows on the list.
-ruby slippers by jonalyn grace fincher. lame name for a book but a very honest look at the soul of a woman. i highly recommend it both to girls and guys.
- american idol. go scott mcintyre! i am a sucker for the sappy stories.
-chuys and tillmans twice this week.
-wyldlife club starting back. i love hanging out with my middle school friends. i have gotten to go to the school a lot the past week and the Lord gives me life through being in ministry to kids. oh and the hpms play was pretty hillarious too it is definitely a high.
-this picture:

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