lately i seem to be stumbling across the same idea in much of my reading: that our souls are cracked. they arent perfect. they are fragile and broken easily. as we live with a cracked soul we (and by we i mean i) try to glue it back together ourselves. we try to hide the crack by overexposing the together, the fixed, the healed parts of our souls. this has been a theme for much of my life. hiding the cracked, broken, dark, imperfect parts of who i am and allowing the perfected, tended to, pretty, pleasing, nice parts of my soul to shine for everyone to see. but, what drew me close to the heart of Christ was that he loves people that dont have it all together (because none of us do). he desires for us to look at the cracked places and allow him to come in and patch up those places with his grace, words of truth, hope, and love. why do i continue to live in a place where the cracks are looked down upon, where i try to conceal them, where i know the truth but dont live my life as if i know who He says i am and allow the world to define i am. thank you God, that you sent your son so i dont have to live a life spinning my wheels for the world but get to rest in the midst of life with a heart filled with cracks in the process of being mended by you.

"suffering causes the mirror to crack. as the pieces fall away, we see what is hidden behind." -michael casey (toward God)

"we are cracked mirrors who dont reflect the image of God back to him. - jonalyn grace fincher (ruby slippers)

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