right now i want to be at the beach. the sun. the water. the sand. the fun. the walks. the palm trees. the swimming. the waves. the fun restaurants. the time right after getting ready and reading or watching tv while everyone else gets ready and the sun is still out but is close to going down. the sunburn. the time in the morning before any one is really on the beach except the old people walking and holding hands and reading the bible and seeing Gods beauty right there. little families playing and building sandcastles. jumping the waves. playing frisbee. all of it. i love it. i want it. i need it. now.
growing up we always went to south carolina beaches, hilton head mainly. then once i moved to tennessee and alabama i always went to florida, destin and seaside in particular. i miss it. i miss my college friends and my college yl girls. i miss the red bar. knowing how to get anywhere between destin and seagrove. seeing all the other college kids from other places around the southeast. making fun of club la vila. good talks on the beach. publix. all of it. i miss it. i love my life right now, but there are times when my heart just misses my old life too. besides my parents and brother, i dont think i have really known what it is like to just miss someone or something so much it aches, until i moved to college, then on to auburn, now to dallas. and yes, i miss people in my life, but i miss glimpses and phases in life more.
if i hadnt spent all last night on a bus of middle schoolers i would hope in the accord and drive straight down to destin just to put my feet in the sand. maybe the bus thing is just an excuse. so, who's up for it?

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Rebecca said...

I'm in! Grew up in Jacksonville, FL and I am so a beach girl too! Flipflops, open water, dolphins, no makeup, sand and yes--Publix!!! I miss it too and feel so claustrophobic here sometimes! Darren and I go to Destin every year....and I love the Red Bar and Seaside!!! Kyle and Shalen went with us two years ago! I need the beach at least once a year!!!