this is going to sound so christian womany but i just cant help myself. i long for my middle school friends, peers, and my own heart to really know this:
"i know my soul has been hurting. it whimpers that something isnt right, and it tries to warn me that our cultures obsession with appearance is cutting into me, that i need more than im currently feeding myself. Jesus said we must first clean the inside so that our outsides may become clean as well. Jesus might say our contemporary culture gets it backward: cleaning the outside with another book, another coffee, a new job, a new home, a new guy, a new meal, a fresh outfit, a new pet, a new devotional book, even another Bible study, but we neglect our souls.
in our obsession with beauty we neglect our very selves...perhaps we need to live as if Christ cared for more than our bodies. what if we lived as if Christ wanted to redeem our souls? what if we paid attention to the insides even half as much as we accessorize our outsides? what if we turned our attention away from the mirrors, away from others comments, away from over-regard or disregard of our bodies, and began attending to our souls?"
-jonalyn grace fincher ruby slippers

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