here is a top 10 tribute to sean mann (1 day after his birthday...oops)

10. he will still be nice to me even though i am doing this one day late.
9. he has great taste in music! (and gave me some cds, which i am very very thankful for, due to the fact that i deleted my ipod a few weeks ago on accident.)
8. he has great taste in preppy clothes.
7. he is very willing to help with sound for a yl event anytime. and is very helpful and nice in the midst of freaking out the day of banquet.
6. he is awesome at ski jump on the wii!
5. his heart is very tender.
4. he reads "oh and the world spins madly on" blog regularly and enjoys the real posts more than the shallow ones.
3. he is a really great cook!
2. he loves kids with disabilities as a full time job.
1. he loves people well. sean makes you feel so comfortable around him, and you feel you can just be yourself and nothing else.

happy late birthday sean!

p.s. if you read the blog and it is your birthday i will give you a tribute as well. just let me know that you actually read this :)

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Melissa said...

May 9th:) I think about you often! Miss and love you lots Erin!