i have lived in texas a year and a half now. and, i must admit, i never thought i would like it this much. i am a southern girl tried and true. everything about the south is just wonderful...the weather, the people, the college football and basketball, the croakies, the mountains, the beach, the pearls, the lilly pulitzer, the barbecue, the accents (well, some of them), i mean and i could keep going and going, but i will stop. but, i love texas too...the people, my church, my job, the big city, the ranches, the river, the weather, the restaurants, the kolaches, the cowboy boots, the brisket, the i heart yogurt, and i could go on and on. i never thought the Lord would bring my heart to this place so quickly. i miss my family more than i thought i would too. i honestly didnt realize not seeing them as often would be this hard at times. some days i wish i could just hop in the car drive to my moms, or dads, or brothers and see them in person and hear what is going on with them and see the expressions on their face and not just imagine what they look like. but, for now, i am confident this is where the Lord has me and i am so glad. He is doing some great things in my heart and if i had not moved here i dont know if i would have seen Him in the same ways as i am right now.
my favorite place besides dallas (and dallas only wins because it is home and feels like home) is austin. here is a collage i found of austin while blogstalking at amyfree.com. enjoy!

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christyzee said...

someday I'd love to visit down south...very nice blog!