i love the change of seasons. mainly summer into fall and winter into spring. they are so refreshing. you can count on them (much unlike the seasons in my heart). they are relief from the extremes of the previous season (this in my heart can be the case as well, but sometimes i would prefer to stay in the extreme and not enter into the gray unknown). the transition into this spring has been especially nice (both in the weather and in the rhythm of my heart). probably because i know what to do in dallas in the spring to make the most of the season (and my heart knows how to slow down in the midst of the busyness of the spring). so, if you are going to be in the dallas area and are looking for some great ways to spend a beautiful spring day, here are my suggestions (they will hopefully be as good for your heart as they are for mine)...

{i heart yogurt} it is tasty. and, you get to serve yourself...fro yo, toppings, and all. so, if you want just a tiny bit of italian original, a lot of dark chocolate, topped off with massive amounts of gummy bears, granola, and blackberries, you can do it. also, it is a very fun place to go with a friend, have a good convo, and enjoy a treat at the same time.

{caruth park} right in the middle of hp. it has a lake, a playground, shaded grass and sunny grass, playing fields, tennis courts, and benches. doesnt get much better than that in my opinion. today it was very humorous to watch a little girl go from riding her bike, to falling on her bike, to playing baseball, back to riding her bike, then once again falling on her bike. i felt bad laughing, but just couldnt help it. i keep a blanket in my car these days so any free 30 minutes i have can be spent reading, thinking, and watching.

{st. bernard sports outlet} this is a dream store! it has outdoorsy stuff like patagonia, north face, and marmot as well as preppy clothes like lilly pulitzer, lacoste, splendid (my favorite brand of tshirts and dresses and stuff), and vineyard vines. and guess what...it is all 50%-75% off!!! they have shoes too, i forgot about the shoes. their rainbow flipflops are 50% off, plus they have reefs, bernardos, uggs, toms, and crocs (although i think those are the ugliest shoes ever made). this isnt necessarily good for the heart, but it is good for the wallet, which makes the heart lighter too :)

{chuys} fajitas. patio. 5-7 weekdays free queso. enough said. it is the little things that bring such delight.

ecclesiastes says that to everything there is a season. i want to believe that seasons are good and if one season was around forever i would get tired of it, because that is not the way God designed life to be. but, much of me thinks that days of sun and 78 degrees and a slowed down pace of life all the time couldnt be all bad. so for now i will enjoy it and await the seasons both in the weather and in my heart.

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