10 days until portland!
so, here is a top ten list of why i cannot wait to get there...

10. reliving new staff training memories. holly chu, the mins, multnomah bible college, mona, dale bruner, skipping class to see the latest mandy moore flick, oh the memories.
9. no sales tax!
8. i love airports and flying. they have the best people watching.
7. going to the paper store and the headband shop lindsay has told me about.
6. beauty of mountains and beaches and other landscapes like pretty trees north central texas does not have.
5. seeing where lindsay lives and the cool shower she has.
4. hanging with linds' bf the bong. (really, that is his last name)
3. hearing rick mckinley from my fave church, imago dei, live!
2. seeing charlies house and other spots from the filming of twilight.
1. hanging with my bestie lindsay!!! oh the heart conversations and laughter that will happen in those 5 days.

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