i have been bitten by the twilight bug (though i wish it was by edward cullen himself). the movie drew me in and now the books by stephenie meyer have. i am in midst of reading the second one and although i am very sad right now (due to the edward disappearance) i just cannot wait to see how he comes back (because of course he has to!).
but, this is something i read last night and it struck me...bella has just been talking about how edward enjoys spending money on her and it makes her feel uncomfortable, and edward just does not get why she wont accept his gifts. "but how could i let him give me things when i had nothing to reciprocate with? he, for some unfathomable reason, wanted to be with me. anything he gave me on top of that just threw us more out of balance." that made me think so much about my life with God. he just wants to be with me. i have nothing to give in return, except to love Him back. and i too think that anything else good in my life throws our relationship out of balance. i need to give more, be better, spend more time doing "godly" things, follow rules, think less of myself, etc, etc. why dont i just let knowing the Lords love is enough and all He wants is me to love Him too? just like edward expects nothing else from bella. i know it is just a teen love story about vampires. but i believe our lives are a love story about humans and their Creator.

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