so today i did the unthinkable, something i never thought i would do. my heart knows the better way. i cant believe i am posting this on the internet for anyone and everyone to read, but i think getting it out in the open will be best. other people have done it and i always thought in my head there was no way i ever would. but, tonight everything changed. i ate yogilicious and liked it better than i heart yogurt. i am so ashamed. cheating on i heart yogurt is the last thing i ever wanted to do. but yogilicious...their toppings are so much better. they have tiny cubes of cantaloupe, marshmallow cream and tiny peanut butter chips...and all of that on top of plain frozen yogurt is pure delight. i heart yogurt you will always be first in my heart, the one that showed me my true love of a place where i get to serve my own all natural plain frozen yogurt with my favorite toppings. so for that i am forever thankful. but for now, we must part ways. but do not fret, when i am in north dallas i will surely visit and give you a piece of my heart once again.

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trentHPYL said...

Love the blog Erin!