i just joined. not really sure what i think about it, because i kinda dont get it. but, i do know that i love that i can follow the cast from twilight...kristen stewart, robert pattinson, and anna kendrick. also, there are friends that i dont really get to see ever, so it is fun to hear whats up in their lives, even if it is just over one sentence updates. i am a sucker for most media/trendy/pop culture type ways of communication, facebook, blogs, and now twitter. of course i would rather sit down and have a real convo with someone. but, thats not always an option since i have lived in north carolina, tennessee, alabama, and now texas in the last 10 years. so, all this is just for fun and so fun!
and, i cant forget to mention that i love that twitters logo is a little birdie.

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