i love being at young life camp. i love being in colorado. i love being on assignment. lucky me, all are happening right now!

here are a few things i am realizing or re-realizing this first week of camp...

redemption without suffering is cheap grace.

i love high school girls.

i am an approval addict. and when i dont get it, i assume i suck.

caring for college girls gives my heart great life.

the glory of God is man fully alive.

i love my job in young life.

if you dont know what to do, do what you know how to do.

i can sleep without sleeping medicine just fine. and in addition to that, i really do love sleeping.

comparison is still really hard for me.

i can go a week without using my cell phone.

texas heat is way better than cold colorado rain.

my God is mighty to save.

and last but not least, mcdonalds hot fudge sundaes with extra hot fudge are so delicious.


Sarah Stutts said...

hello!! i've started blogging...and i added you as a favorite!

Rebecca said...

I love this entry!!! praying for you this summer!!! i'm also blogging again! yay! can't wait for more posts from you during assignment or after! You rock!!!! (and I'm reading breaking dawn by the way:))