"as we get older we tend to become control freaks. we need to control everybody and everything, moment by moment, to be happy. if the now has never been full or sufficient, we will always be grasping, even addictive or obsessive. if youre pushing yourself and others around, you have not yet found the secret of happiness. its okay as it is. this moment is as perfect as it can be. the saints called it the "sacrament of the present moment".
-richard rohr

this quote sums up my heart in many moments in life. i have a favorite photography BLOG but it makes me think that this moment is not perfect. that what is captured in these photographs is a life that is more perfect than mine right now. it makes me think that if i just had "this" or looked like "that" then things would all fall into place in my heart and life would be completely full of perfect moments and zero less than perfect moments. but, if that were the case then there would be no need for Jesus. i would be ok on my own in life. we would not live in a fallen world, we would live in paradise here on earth. thank you Jesus for making a way for us to live in paradise one day. and, that you give me a light in the dark places of my heart that desire more than this present moment.

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