so i am on a ski trip in breckenridge with some pretty fun junior girls from hphs, but unfortunately i am not really a skier. so badly i want to be one of those cool girls that loves to hit the slopes and go speeding down a black diamond, but i just am not. i am not even the kind of girl that likes to go slowly down a green in the bitter cold. (this has been one of those great opportunities to just be ok with who God made me to be and not who i think will make me look cool in other peoples eyes.)
but, there are a few things though that i am good at in this cold winter weather:
ice skating

catching snowflakes on my tongue

drinking hot chocolate and reading a design magazine (this might actually be my specialty)

making snow angels

so, for today i plan on partaking in some of these wintertime activities and welcoming everyone as they get home from the slopes with some freshly baked cookies. (another one of my specialties)

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