i love you, seth cohen.

so yesterday i was working out. i was riding the bike when i stumbled upon ben mckenzie, aka ryan atwood from the oc, on a local morning show. at the end of his interview (which by the way, he has grown into a very lovely (looking) young man.) viewers could call in to win 1 of 3 passes to see ben in person at the w hotel that night! as any former oc lover would do, i hopped right off the bike and ran as fast as i could to my car to call. so after many busy signals i finally got a ring! but, no one ever picked up. NEVER!!! needless to say, i did not get to meet ryan atwood and ask him all about working with my crush, adam brody. probably for the best bc i am in no place to move to cali and i am sure that is where things would have headed.
but, i did decide to channel my inner seth cohen today and wear a lacoste short sleeve golf shirt over a long sleeve shirt. he pulls it off much better...

and here are some pictures of the adorable seth, for your viewing pleasure. (and one of him and ryan, just in case you forgot who he was.)

*all images found via google image search.


Betty Manousos:cutand-dry.blogspot.com said...

Oh, he is soo adorable! Great pics!!

kristen said...

aahhh i forgot how much i love him! and how we spent that one weekend watching the oc for literally the entire weekend! my new crush is zachary levi, from the tv show chuck, who looks like a grown up seth cohen.

Alexia said...

i saw ryan a few months ago in nyc. he was walking towards me and i said, "hey!" he's actually better looking in real life than on the O.C. weird huh?