this morning i have been listening to a sermon by tim keller about change in a Christian. the part that has struck me the most is when hes talking about anxiety. i struggle with anxiety. it creeps up in my heart frequently and right now it is at the forefront of my life. i am looking for a part time job bc hpyl is in deficit and i am only getting half my paycheck, and i am filled with worry over if i will find a part time job, how long is this going to last, what will i do next year, how do i balance yl and another job, etc. but, this morning i heard this and it is now my prayer that the Lord would give me a humble posture before Him.
"Worry in the Bible is a refusal to obtain a humble posture before God. Anyone who is filled with anxiety is filled with arrogance, bc you think you know how things have to go, you are sure what you need, you are sure how history has to go. And, the peace that is always there is a peace based on humility saying before God you know what I need, you know what has to happen. That's the reason I don't worry."


Jaeve + Things said...

I really needed to hear this as well, I too am looking for work. Have been for six months and I've had endless sleepless nights full of anxiety and worry. This really helped, thanks for sharing!

shondarr said...

wow...I'm printing/writing that out somewhere...I struggle with 'not knowing' and it brings me to anxiety as well. Thank you for your honesty in your posts.