zooey deschanel.

i kind of have a girl crush on zooey deschanel.

her style is impeccable, and so cute, feminine, colorful, preppy, and i just want to dress like her every single day. (notice lots of colored tights, flats, and even a headband or two in there as well.)

her house was in domino and was equally as precious.

she is in a kick-a band named she and him. how absolutely perfect is that name. check them out HERE.
if you are a boy and you didnt have a crush on zooey, now you do. and if you are a girl, now is the time to join the zooey girl crush club...dont be ashamed :)


Zoe said...

I agree, she has amazing style, she always looks gorgeous! But that's not her husband - that's M. Ward. Zooey is married to Benjamin Gibbard.

Tanya @ Dans le Townhouse said...

Sigh. I love everything about her style. And she seems so chill, together and classy.